Hosea & Gomer on Discover the Word

I used to have another blog called Gomertopia. For years, it was home base for the Gomers, the world-wide family of fans of a rock band I love called Third Day. I started the Gomers in 2001. At one time, there were over 40,000 members. They call me Mama Gomer. (The name of this blog, More than Happier, is actually a line from Third Day’s song “Gomer’s Theme”. I’ve always loved line, because it sounds so screwy. I mean, it’s either, “He was happier” or “He was more than happy” not “He was more than happier.” But it’s cute, and I love it, so my title is an homage to Third Day and the Gomers.)

But life being a growing and changing thing like it is, I’ve moved here, and the Gomers home base has moved to Facebook. If you’re a Third Day fan looking for other Third Day fans, check out the Gomer family. They’ll make you feel welcome and loved.

All that to say this: I turned on my radio this morning and Discover the Word was just coming on KHCB. This show is three friends sitting around a table and talking through a Bible study. Their latest study concentrates on sorting through some things in the Bible that may be confusing. Today was the third and final part on the story of Hosea and Gomer from the book of Hosea.

The thing that is confusing about this book is why would God ask a prophet to marry a prostitute? Not a repentant prostitute, but one who still had ideas of continuing her lifestyle, married or not? But God, as always, knew exactly what He was asking Hosea to do. He wanted Hosea’s love for Gomer to reflect His love for Israel, who were prostituting themselves with other gods instead of loving God as their first and only love. It was God letting them see Hosea marry this unclean person who showed him no love or respect, yet he loved and cared for her. Then Hosea could say to Israel, “Do you think my wife is terrible?” and of course they would say, “Yes! You should stone her!” and Hosea could say, “God set this whole thing up to show you how you are treating Him!” and Israel would say, “Whoa…” You get the idea.

You can listen to all three parts of the discussion of Hosea and Gomer on the Discover the Word website, but the part that will really touch your heart is the third and final part. Click the link and give it a good listen. (It’s only about 13 minutes long.) You might need a tissue or two when you hear how much God loves you. It’s an amazing story that will give you some insight into the depth of God’s love.